Friday, August 7, 2009

Glamour Photography, Girl Watcher

Shown are two kitschy 50's era men's magazines. The saucy looks on "Girl Watcher" continually freak me out. Not to mention the lecherous cartoon eyes.


  1. i think i have 10 fine copies of the love goddess issue - it's an addiction

  2. As I expected, you're already on fire. Who needs a "guide to girl watching"??? It sorta comes natural. What do they say, go to the laundromat?

  3. I agree- seriously, is this magazine for mentally defective folks who lack basic sense? Or were these just more innocent times?

    I have to look at the inside of the mag and see what it says...

  4. Astrid:
    I have a copy of the 'Glamour Photography'
    magazine you have up and it is pretty tame. Inside is the saga of two guys leaving my old home town in New England and weaving westward
    to photo shoot young gals. They end up on old Route 66, like Todd & Buzz with cameras, The cover art, front and back is irresistible but the insides are just photos. Always nice talking to you. JPB