Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting the Fly Peril

So, I've shown a variety of "perils" of the past on this blog. The fear-mongering culture of the past encouraged people to abhor the "red menace," "white slavery peril," and the "yellow menace", just to name a few. Now, I bring you another peril...dah, dah, dum! The "fly peril"! What is the fly peril? Remembering the unclean conditions of the past, particularly in Dickensian times, I suppose the fly peril was a legitimate concern. This book could have been a tool to educate people about diseases that can spread as a result of filthy conditions. We have to remember that people of that time didn't have the same hygiene practices we have today. So, I'll let this "peril" slide... it seems like one of the few that people legitimately should have been concerned about.

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