Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Guess what? I stole your woman!

The lesbian pulp art shown in the previous post wasn't the only piece we picked up. We also got this most excellent original vintage sleaze illustration for "Deviate Street Stud" by King Krissel (what a name!). The art illustrates Spartan Line 117.

Tales of a gigolo? Perhaps...although the cover copy seems to suggest a much more appropriate story line given that its Father's Day. The little scamp on the cover has stolen his father's woman! Well can you blame him? Father knows best...when it comes to picking women.

Oh and sorry about the glare on the woman's ass. I assure you that was completely unintentional.


  1. A pretty impressive find! That's one of my very favorite books downstairs on my "porn shelf" (though to be fair, I might not be so fond of it had I not also acquired DEVIATE BEACH STUDS on the same day). My other favorites are COMMIE SEX TRAP and PLEASE GIVE ME DISIPLINE (sic).