Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Got Back...Original Lesbian Sleaze Art!

I've made my love for original vintage paperback art well known. As you might have guessed, I'm particularly fond of anything sleaze paperback related. I think this stems from growing up in a town of only 370 people-- being so sheltered, I'm attracted to the taboo.

So far, I've shared original illustration art for some gay sleaze paperbacks in our collection. But, we also have some original art for a lesbian paperback-- the book "Lust on the Run." "Lust on the Run" was published by a shady little imprint known as "Spartan Line" (1966). "Spartan Line" was just one of many lines put out by a fly-by-night publisher that was known for stealing books from other publishers and repackaging them as their own. I didn't look into whether "Lust on the Run" was one of the stolen books.

I really wish I knew who painted these covers. Many of them seem to be painted by the same individual, but as is typical with sleaze artists, the work is unsigned.

By the way, isn't it cool how the boobs aren't censored on the original artwork version? It almost makes life worth living...

Anyway, enjoy and if anyone has any tips on who painted these, that proverbial lollipop is still up for grabs!

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  1. Hi, it's my first time to visit your blog and I'm glad that I did! I have no idea who painted those but instead,I want to share my recent discovery online, which is a beautiful lesbian art called "twin souls" it's about a special love and friendship between women. Something in this sculpture really moved me.

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