Monday, June 27, 2011

"Bohemian Stud Bums" Original Art.

Okay, so I've shared two sleaze illustration art originals from the same publishing company. Now, let's get to the third, "Bohemian Stud Bums" (1966) by Carlo Torres. This imprint is "Royal Line" and the number is RL128. Oh to be a bohemian AND a stud AND a bum...that character must have quite the life. I wonder if Kerouac ever saw any of these wacky beat-exploitation pulps?

Beat-exploitation is the genre that first got me interested in collecting vintage paperbacks. And I also met my husband through collecting vintage paperbacks. Without beat exploitation, my life would be very different. Thanks beat exploitation writers for a job well one! Where would I be without you?

All three originals laid out together


  1. The artist for the "Starlet" poster staring Shari Mann is Rodolfo Escalera.
    He did a lot of movie graphics in the 70's and then went on to do collector plates, I believe you can find his work listed in the imdb as "Rudy Escalera"

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me! I'm going to do a future post on him now that I know his name. I really appreciate the info : - )