Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Under My Thumb

This is one of a few rare booklets featuring P.T. Barnum's famous little person Tom Thumb. Our interest in Tom Thumb naturally flowed out of our interest in collecting sideshow memorabilia. It was further sparked by a visit to Bridgeport, CT, and to the P.T. Barnum museum there which had a very nice collection of Tom Thumb memorabilia. We also visited Thumb's grave the same day. I'll post a few more Tom Thumb booklets in the future, but I particularly like the use of color on this one.


  1. Hey, Astrid...

    Just popping up to say how much I still enjoy this blog. I've sent a few people links as well.. and glad to see you did finally get over the flu. ;o)

    - bethany

  2. Thanks, Bethany, I'm doing so much better. The stupid flu was really hard to kick, but with time now, it's finally 100% gone. Thanks for passing my link along too and hope you have a fun Thanksgiving!