Monday, November 9, 2009

And All Ya Gotta Do Is Act Naturally

Pictured is a cabinet card of a Victorian era actor, Lyla Kavenaugh. The company "Newsboy" produced many photos of actors during this time. I googled her name, and Ms. Kavenaugh must have been a lesser known actor, as I could not find any information about her. Normally, we don't collect photos of actors but we were struck by Ms. Kavenaugh's outfit and pose. The powerful stance of her legs. The hand on the hip. The odd hat that looks like it belongs to a witch. It's hard to pass up a striking image given that most antique photos are pretty blase and run-of-the-mill.


  1. Like yr new pic.

    This gal works for me, but then I'm sorta ...dutch.

    Some old 19th cent. brothel photos can be rather stimulating. (this was in Butte,MO. Looks sort of hokey---but I am a Dash Hammett buff, and Dash knew this area (and thought it the hell-pit of America)...I wager even knew a few Dumas ladies ..)

  2. Ah, Butte, MT. I love that place. Passed through there a few years back and felt like I was walking around in the 19th C. Ate at a Chinese restaurant that was in an old building and had small curtained off areas-- reminded me of a converted opium den. Few places have Butte's character. St. Joseph, MO, is pretty cool but I've seen nothing that beats Butte. Didn't get to go to Dumas Brothel, unfortunately, as it was closed at the time. Did go to a more modern brothel in Wallace, Idaho, which was interesting but not quite the same character as a place like Butte.

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