Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hope I Die Before I Get Old

Collecting 1950's juvenile delinquent movie posters and paperbacks has been a passion of ours and an obsession that lasted until we procured all of the best pieces for our collection. We still buy up minor items when we spot them for sale but feel that we've already gotten most of the "high-spot" items, so to speak. These two "juvie" posters are two of my favorites from our poster collection. I find it interesting how "Live Fast, Die Young" manages to tie the Beat Generation in with juvenile delinquency. I guess sometimes rebels get lumped together whether they are anti-establishment literary trail-blazers or "bad" kids shirking the values of ma and pa and society. As for "Juvenile Jungle," just what is "Naturama"? I suppose I could look it up... All I see is that it was a "wide screen technique." Not sure if the source on that was valid either.

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