Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Office Shenanigans Part II

Vintage paperback office hi jinx, part II. "Swinging Secretary" (Midwood) features cover art by Paul Rader. "Office Affair" (Beacon)-- unknown cover artist. "Office Hussy" (Star Novels) features cover art by George Gross.


  1. I like that "Office Hussy" just puts it right out there -- and who could blame that hussy, she's now part of the workforce world of "exciting men"!
    I have one titled "Executive Suite Girls" and it was quite a hilarious sexist read. I couldn't figure out if the book was targeted at men who would be aroused by their secretaries or stay-at-home wives who were curious about what being a working girl was really like.

  2. I know exactly what book you're talking about. I believe it was published in the early 60's by Monarch Books out of Derby, CT. Anyway, most of those books were geared towards the male perspective, but I do know that there were some women who read them, especially the early lesbian pulps that company published.