Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Too Sexy for This Painting....Too Sexy By Far!

Wow, what a better way to show a character's narcissism than by having said character proudly display a painting of herself. Gotta love this cover art gem by artist Tom Cannizaro. He's not as well known as Bonfils but boy did he know how to crank out the sleaze...

The whole idea of a "painting" within a "painting" is very cool, indeed. Like a precursor to picture in picture. Well, not really, but it's still fun!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Zombies Need Love Too....

Almost 10 years ago, my husband and I saw the book "Take Death for a Lover" listed on an eBay auction. We bid but did not win the book. For nearly 10 years, we wanted the book but never saw another copy listed for sale. Recently, however a copy was listed on auction, and we managed to win it. We paid a healthy sum, but alas, that's the curse of the collector...little impulse control when it comes to something that you must add to the collection.

Is this front cover fellow a zombie? The back cover text gives no indication of his zombie status (or lack thereof), and I'm not about to read the damn thing. He does has some major "zombie eyes" going on. But, it's hard to say for sure... Is his woman a zombie? Again, hard to say.... The green skin suggests so, but this title would have been published before "Night of the Living Dead" made zombies a big deal. Whatever the case, there are few things sexier than a nude woman with red "X's" on her breasts, draped in barb wire and being carried by a ...err...uh...wait, this isn't sexy at all!

But when it comes to sleaze books, it's all about the art and the freakier the better. And they sure as hell look like zombies to me. CONCLUSION: Anyone with brains would love this cover art... (sorry, couldn't resist).