Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strippers & Zombies & Sleaze, Oh My!

The whole point of the "fake sleaze book project" was to create fake covers for books that should have been but never were. And what's a better combination than zombies and strippers? Okay, yeah there are some better combos but not a whole lot-- maybe stripper she-devils? (gotta file that one away for future reference) And I rather liked the movie "Zombie Strippers." I thought it was good campy fun. It didn't take itself too seriously either.

And a sleaze book with this concept? It couldn't be anything less than golden.

But how to make regular sleaze gals into zombie strippers? Well, the stripper part's easy. All you need is scantily clad women, and in sleaze, they're hardly scarce. But zombies? We could use our graphic design knowledge to go into each image and adjust the skin and add some blood and guts for good effect. Our conclusion? Nah, we are much too lazy for that. This is supposed to be fun, not work! Well, it did end up being super easy, because Greenleaf publishers had an amazing cover artist named Ed Smith. And on two occasions, for reasons completely unknown, he did covers with women who looked rather green. Was Mr. Smith into some kind of underground fetish that is lost in the annals of history? Was he colorblind and had a slip up? We'll never know...

Whatever the case, thanks Mr. Smith for providing the building blocks for our version of "Zombie Strippers" -- "Zombie A Go Go."

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