Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Now don't freakout but...

Just an oddball sex mag for you on this balmy Wednesday night (and I mean balmy with all sincerity-- I live in Atlanta).

I love the late 60's softcore sex mags. The insides of the magazines never quite live up to the promise of the front covers. Nonetheless, I think they're great fun. However, because this mag doesn't live up to the outside's promise, I have nothing to share from the inside. There were some goofy pics of dancing hippies and an article on drugs, but nothing too sleaze-tastic. Certainly not as sleaze-tastic as a game in which you guess who's a lesbian! Now that was exciting : - )

So enjoy "Freakout": a silly sex mag from the late 60's. I'm too lazy to look up the exact date at the moment, but if anyone just HAS to know the date, I can provide it.

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