Thursday, April 21, 2011

"A Queen's Fury" and no I'm not talking about the royal wedding

Today I'm featuring the last original gay pulp painting in my collection. When I attained these original illustrations, I was able to get three from the same dealer. I've never seen any others listed for sale from anyone else.

This painting is for "A Queen's Fury" by Aaron Thomas (Nightstand Book 1873) from 1968. This is another work by Darrell Millsap, prolific illustrator for these imprints.

This piece is quirky and fun and a little mysterious. Why mysterious? Because what the hell's up with the toy car and plane? All the gay men I've known have been far too fabulous to get on their hands and knees and play with children's toys (maybe other toys, but not those!). Rug burn anyone?!

I'd probably have to read "A Queen's Fury" to find out what's up with that. Will I do that? Hell no. I'm way too lazy for that.

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