Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mystery Solved....the artist is Armand Weston

Well, after extensive googling and typing in keyword after keyword, I found the answer to who illustrated the x-rated movie posters signed "Weston." This most excellent artist was a man named "Armand Weston." Oddly enough, the trivia page on IMDB for "Heat Wave" lists him as the artist:

IMDB: Heat Wave

Also, I found the following link:

Men's Pulp Mags

Weston, as the pulp mags author writes, truly was a multi-talented guy. Illustration artist and both director and producer of XXX movies? What a combo!

Also, I've seen the movie "Defiance of the Good" (which he directed), and it was good, sleazy fun.

Now, if I could just figure out who illustrated "A Teenage Pajama Party", my life would be complete...

And to those of you who lost out on that lollipop, better luck next time!

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