Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The paperback cover

Last post featured a little bit of vintage lesbiana so what better to follow than some gay pulp? By the way is lesbiana a word? I've heard "victoriana" for the Victorian era, so I just went with it.

Featured today is the original artwork for the 1960's gay paperback "The Fellows Backstage" by Chris Davidson (1968). I found this rare original illustration on eBay. It took some digging, and I was shocked to find it. Hardly any of the original sleaze paperback illustrations survived the era. And those that did survive are mostly in personal collections.

The original art

But luckily, this and a couple others did survive and now they're mine. All mine!

Original artwork is by Darrell Millsap. He was a prolific illustrator working exclusively (as far as I know) for Greenleaf Classics.

More gay pulp to come...


  1. Astrid: "Is lesbiana a word?"

    Sounds like a perfectly good one to me, and you've just coined it!

    The Fellows Back Stage - an interesting euphemism!

    I note another of author Chris Davidson's books is called Caves of Iron.

    Having led an extremely sheltered life, I can't BEGIN to imagine what a 'cave of iron' might be.

    Now if they'd called it Caves of Fudge...

  2. Caves of Fudge would sound totally delicious if not for the fact that fudge is a euphemism for something that is definitely not delicious!