Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Teenage Bride" (1970) Sexploitation One-Sheet

"The line forms at the rear..." Gotta love that tagline. I looked up the movie on IMDB, and it sounds like it has less to do with a teenage bride and more to do with taping people having sex. From the reviews on IMDB and based on the fact that it starred a porn actress named Colleen Brennan, I'm guessing this was closer to hardcore porn than sexploitation tease.

NOTE Sorry it's hard to read those taglines at the top. The poster had to be photographed, because it wouldn't fit in the scanner. My camera isn't the greatest.


  1. "Starring SHARON KELLY Hollywood's Hottest Star"... so hot that we've replaced her here with a cartoon character.

  2. looks like some stimulating fare....

    "The line forms at the rear..."


    As long as one's like in first five in line, not so bad

  3. Ha! Lol to both comments ; - )