Friday, January 15, 2010

ZOZO: THE MAGIC QUEEN, Victorian Trade Card

I've tried to research this trade card for "Zozo the Magic Queen" but came up empty-handed. All I found was an etsy seller who uses that as her moniker. Apparently, this was some sort of stage show featuring women in risque garb (for the time) brandishing rifles. Whatever the case, I thought the piece was neat and felt like featuring it today in particular, because tonight I go to a local sideshow!


  1. Amazing. I would think some intrepid graduate student could do a dissertation on 19th century spectacle and sideshows and trying to recreate the actual performances. Can you imagine?

  2. "Elegant Specialties"? Where can I buy a ticket?

    A quick hunt through Google News brings a few relevant hits, the most interesting of which is this review from the 16 April 1887 edition of the Reading Eagle. Front page news!

    I've also come across an advert in Toronto's Globe & Mail (1 July 1887), which, I suppose, makes Zozo an international phenomenon.

  3. @Brian: Hmmm..."attractive and pleasing"-- nice roundabout way to say they were "hot."

    @Joey: That would be quite the show! I just went to the Hellzapoppin sideshow and saw some pretty interesting feats, so I'd love to see more of the same being done.

  4. Gals with rifles, or firearms of any type:
    hot. Nude gals with firearms: hotter.


  5. I am that "seller on etsy" and also the artist know as ZoZo The Magic Queen. I adopted the monkier several years ago after receiving my first, of many Zozo trade cards and so began my research of this production. I have the complete listing of all the musical numbers and characters from the show. I also have an original invoice from the producers of the show to a theatre where the production was performed.

  6. Wow, I applaud your research and commitment towards an esoteric project such as that. I wish more people were so inclined!