Friday, September 18, 2009

A Smattering of Eros Comix

Eros Comix is a company that produces adult oriented comic books. I've picked up a few issues here and there whenever they've struck me. I've picked them up for the over-the-top covers with their colorfully lewd art. I can't say I've read any of these, but I've flipped through them and found the interior art to lack eroticism. I can't say I found the cover-art very erotic either. To each her own I suppose. I can't imagine a day in which I'd ever find pen and ink drawings of extreme facials erotic. Anyway, here are a smattering of 90's era Eros Comix for your pleasure... or perhaps displeasure. The use of the word "whores" is a bit annoying, if these are not stories of ladies of the evening. I did not check, but I doubt they are.


  1. Nope. Just the covers. I primarily collect pieces that I find that have interesting cover illustrations.

  2. Eros was I believe a Zap comix offshoot, ala Crumb and his cronies. Sort of cheesy porn appealing to bay area stoners--the Leather Nun a fave--ooo la la. One zap artist S Clay Wilson did some wild comix art---ruby the dyke, etc. Worked with Burroughs on something ah think

  3. Thanks for the history. I did not know that.