Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Most Over-the-Top Erotic Comic of All-Time

This is another one of the erotic adult comics we've picked up over the years. I absolutely love the title of this one. It's so over-the-top and ridiculous-- it's like a modern day version of a sexploitation paperback or movie. What were the writers trying to achieve with the title? Were they trying to demonstrate that Martians include a diverse cross-section of our population? And if so, one mystery remains-- why are the lesbians bitches, but the rednecks aren't dumbasses and the yuppies aren't greedy assholes? If they're going to play-up gross stereotypes, I'm just saying. Note: Comic written by Kyle Goulet and Rob Kalmbach.


  1. Looks like traditional comix porn ala Heavy Metal--not sure so erotic. Perhaps check out Crepax's Valentina, Moebius, or the San Francisco underground scene, like Zap, and the maestros of Last Gasp comix --whoa. LastGasp

    Btw, S Clay Wilson, legendary bay area underground artist (famed for Ruby the Dyke, Capn Pissgums, etc) suffered a nasty injury and appears to be rather down and out--there are a couple sites where people can make a donation, or send a check to his apt.

  2. Perhaps "porn" comic would have been a better word. I figured to each their own regarding whether it's "erotic." I don't personally find it so, but then again my interests in S&M ephemera aren't erotically based either, so maybe I'm being old-fashioned.