Monday, October 3, 2011

One Flew Over the Nympho's Nest

"Um, yeah, I'm here about the 'nympho ward'...could somebody provide me an address? I got a GPS and all, but I'm gonna need that address."

"WHAT??? It doesn't exist???? Damn, you Greenleaf're such a tease!"

While I am quite disappointed to learn that said nympho ward only exists in the imagination of 60's smutsters, I'm happy that we at least have this great Tom Cannizaro illustration as a manifestation of that imagination.

But, I still gotta call out Greenleaf for being such a tease. I mean after all, what bikini clad woman wouldn't want another bikini clad woman to hose her so hard that her bikini flew off? Right? Um, yeah, I guess I may be alone in this one.

Can we say awkward?

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