Friday, May 20, 2011

I love the smell of nudity in the morning

Good morning! I say this knowing full well that it's 10:30, and many of you have probably been up for hours. In which case, I'm sorry to hear that.

Today's bit of FringePop is brought to you by the fabulous Bettie Page (RIP). The magazine"Modern Sunbathing" is one of Bettie's forays into the nudist magazine arena. I could have scanned some pictures of the "nude but not naked" Ms. Page from inside. But guess what? It's the age of Google in which you can find these images with a simple image search and that little fact combined with my tendency towards loafing led to a lethal laziness cocktail. Sure, you could probably find the front of the magazine online as well, but I do need something to post about.

What's the difference between nude and naked? Someone once told me the difference between nude, naked, and nekkid, but I was drunk and forgot the difference. So, if anyone can be of help, that would be great.

So, enjoy Bettie's bright and smiling face. And if you can't find the nudity online, I promise to provide it in a future post.


  1. I didn't know nudity had a smell, but I know exactly what those old magazines smell like when you take them out of their plastic (which you should do only on rare occasions).

    That aroma is like ambrosia to me.

  2. Ha ha! Actually, I kind of hope there's not a smell, because if there is a smell, the person might want to get that checked out : - )

  3. I call the problem "MOM" If a Mom complains, some unfathomable standard has been met somehow. By the way I once owned that same issue and it did indeed have a slight smell...age.

  4. I like your explanation, Jim, and I'm laughing quietly to myself about the smell issue. Because that's how I roll on this gorgeous night before the end of the world (wink).

  5. "Someone once told me the difference between nude, naked, and nekkid, but I was drunk and forgot the difference."

    You were probably in the process of removing your clothes at the time - y'tend to forget many things once the designer brands start falling 'round the ankles!

    Nude: the innocent state of being undressed for, say, bathing or sunbathing purposes;

    naked: the state of being undressed for, say, bathing, or sunbathing purposes but allowing for the possibility of other developments;

    nekkid: the state of being undressed when those other possible developments've started to get underway!


    Is it me or does Betty look like she's turning into Eddie Munster's older sister?

  6. p.p.s.

    Of course nudity has a smell! I'm with Napoleon on this one! He used to write Josephine, "I'll be back from battle in three days - make sure not to wash!"

    I love the smell of girl sweat!

  7. Thanks for the explanation of the difference! Funny enough, I now remember where I was when told the difference: I was working for "Xcitement" Magazine doing an article on the local swingers' club. I wasn't in the buff, but it was apropos!