Monday, June 18, 2012

"Men Today"...need to learn some manners!

Seriously, she's just trying to go about her business when she's accosted by men from the East Berlin Torture Palace!  Didn't their mothers ever teach them not to abduct innocent people?  Apparently not... "Men Today"...sheesh.


  1. Or... maybe by "Men Today" they mean the bound up person in the black panties and bra...

  2. Their mothers did teach them that. Unfortunately their mothers also taught them that "No one is innocent".

  3. A few Australian wine companies are using Pulp artwork on their labels. One of the wines, a Shiraz-Malbec blend by Misfit Wine, used the November 1972 cover of Men Today on its label. They called it "Cycle Buff Beauty". Pictured with it is a Shiraz called "Passion Has Red Lips" which uses a Midwood book cover Sin On Wheels for their label.

    You can see them here:

    1. wow, that's very cool! thank you so much for sharing that with me : - )