Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spiders & Heroin Go Together Like Birds of a Feather

"Passion Pusher" is one strange sleaze pb. I had never even seen an image of this book, until recently when it was listed on eBay, and I won the copy on auction. Robert Bonfils is a damn fine cover artist with a damn fine illustration concept. I haven't read this sleazy gem but based on the back cover, I can tell you that the story concerns a prostitute that's hired by a drug dealer to hook young high school boys on junk (presumably heroin).

Bonfils could have done a literal interpretation-- a scantily clad prostitute standing in the school parking lot while smoking a cigarette and giving high school boys the come-hither look. To really set the scene, she could have been holding a hypo needle behind her back.

But Bonfils gives us something even better. A sexy spider woman in a web, ready to trap high school boys in all that sticky goodness (or badness, since they are going to get addicted to heroin, after all).

A spider woman baring her fangs, while wearing next to nothing=A sleaze cover after my own heart.


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