Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You can't get away from your relatives, even after they're dead

Before photoshop, photographers still found ways to manipulate their work. For this family photograph, images of people that couldn't be there for the photo (whether because of death, long distance, what have you) were inserted into the final product. So, the whole family got to be in the photo, whether dead, alive, or in jail for double-homicide. Pretty nifty. Not sure how they did it, but it's an interesting historical artifact.


  1. I just want to say that I love this stuff. I am inspired every time I stop by! I love illustration so it is nice to see illustrations I would never see otherwise.

  2. That's cool! I love to share little bits of my collection online. You don't often meet people in real life who have these interests, so it's fun to share ; - )

  3. While photography wasn't as advanced as it is now, it wasn't just a few people fumbling around with pinhole cameras. The final product for true antique photographs were likely overlays using multiple original negatives and light masking techniques ... or taking a final picture of a photo collage. The great ones are those pushing that fairies and ghosts exist.